Dishcloth-A-Day: Day Sixteen

This is what knitting in my house looks like. Note presence of 4 cats (because I know someone will ask, from bottom to top: Ingrid, Rupert, Nutmeg, Azzie).

2015-02-16 KnittingCompanions

If they could all actually be *on* me they would, but as it is, they have to settle for being near me. And occasionally yawning, stretching, and oh hey, are you working with *yarn*? Let me taste that for you!

(also, yes, there are also 4 handmade afghans in view as well)


Today’s dishcloth is the Staircase Slipstitch pattern. I do like the look of slipped stitch patterns, except for the fact that the backside usually isn’t as nice looking as the front. In some cases I might mind, but we’re talking about a square of cotton that’s just going to be used to scrub things, so….yeah, whatever.


Unlike with yesterday’s, I am really loving today’s color combo. Alas, this will be the only time it shows up, as there’s not enough of either color left to do this again.

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