Dishcloth-A-Day: Day Twenty-One

A couple amusing anecdotes from yesterday’s trip to Stitches:

  • While I love knitting, I really do not enjoy seaming at all, to the point where it is not uncommon for all of a project’s pieces to be completely done, and then to have them sit in a bag, untouched, for weeks or months, because I am procrastinating on the seaming.

    This works fine for my own personal projects, but not quite as well when it’s a test knit. As three of us were doing one of our meanders around the market yesterday, I noted that when I got back to the table, I needed to finish up the seaming on a project, and then added that they should feel free to nag me about it. Everyone laughed, we kept on wandering, found the things we were hoping to find, and then headed back to the table, where both of them promptly looked at me as we all sat down and, in their very best Mom voices, said sternly “you have seaming to do!”

    (yes, I did get the seaming done!)

  • I did a sample knit for A Verb for Keeping Warm, for Stitches. They needed a quick turn-around so they shipped me the yarn, I whipped out the project, and then I shipped it back, completely forgetting to take a picture of it. That was a couple weeks ago.

    ArtesianI went to their booth with the express intent of taking a picture of the finished object. Except it turns out there were three of them and now I cannot quite remember which color I made. I know it isn’t the cream one, but was it the lighter olive or the darker olive? I think it was the one on the right. But maybe it was the darker one? I do remember it was some shade of green….


Today’s dishcloth uses the raspberry stitch. It was a bit fiddly, but at least it’s a good pattern to use with my seemingly never-ending supply of variegated yarn.

Dishcloth-Raspberry Stitch

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