Dishcloth-A-Day: Day Twenty-Two

It’s always kind of fun when the group in which I sing shows up in the news. Capitol Public Radio went out to one of our educational programs this past week and did an interview and write-up.

Here’s one of the songs we did (part of a collection of 5 madrigals for the information age). I freely admit that that set of 5 songs was my favorite of the concert.


Today’s dishcloth is made using the Linen Stitch. You will notice that once again, I’m trying to make a dent in the massive stash of teal (seriously, where did all this teal cotton *come* from?).


Astute knitting readers may also notice that apparently I goofed on one row in this and likely slipped the stitches with yarn in the back instead of with the yarn in the front. Likely I was distracted by cats or something. Yeah, let’s just go with that.

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