Tonight, for my very last lemon-thing-a-day, I made a lemon upside down cake. I had bookmarked several cake possibilities (which I will definitely have to try at some point in the future), but this one won out primarily due to the fact that I had the right number of eggs.

It is very much the classic upside down cake, except with a few twists. You start with a brown sugar caramel, which you pour into the pan. Then you layer thin slices of lemon in a pretty pattern, and top that with the cake batter. This particular recipe includes lemon zest and cornmeal in the mixture.

That gets baked for nearly an hour, and then you are supposed to let it cool at room temperature for two more hours, except it was getting really late. So I stuck it in the freezer to speed things up a bit.

Finally, you invert it on to a plate, and if all went well, your pretty pattern of fruit will come out with the cake and not be stuck to the bottom.

Ta da!

This is a lovely, delicate cake. The cake itself is sweet, but you need that to counteract the bitterness of the lemon rind. Nice to end the month with a delicious success.

Lemons used: 4
Total lemons this month: 55

Making a lemon thing a day for Thingadailies.

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