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Khachapuri has been on my list of things to try ever since I stumbled across a picture of it many years ago on someone’s baking blog. It’s the national dish of Georgia (the country, not the state) and consists of a soft, enriched bread dough, formed into a little boat, filled with a lightly spiced cheese mixture, and topped with a soft cooked egg.

So this weekend, since it’s one of King Arthur Baking Company’s Extraordinary Bread collection, I decided to give it a try.

The dough comes together easily, the whole process only took a couple hours – most of which was spent waiting for the dough to rise. I only made half a recipe because I’ve been doing a lot of baking the past month and there’s only so much room in the freezer for all the excess.

They smelled amazing while baking, and came out of the oven looking gorgeous. I sent one home with my mom (along with some leftover hamentashen and potica), and then we split the other one and had it for dinner.

Oh my goodness, I wish I had made the full recipe. I was very hesitant about the egg on the top since I am not normally a fan of a soft cooked egg (I actually had to have Richard check the egg for me because since I never cook them that way, I haven’t a clue how to tell if it was ‘done’), but in this instance, it really works. The egg just basically combines with the creaminess of the filling and it all comes together in one absolutely glorious bite.

Obviously the Georgians know what they’re talking about when it comes to delicious breakfast pastries. I will definitely be making these again, and soon. Yum!

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